Squirrelit (Skills Passport)

Squirrelit is a skills passport delivered as a smart device application.

A main product of Inspiring Skills is the passport as it is designed to inspire young people by enabling them to record achievments and demonstrate work skills.  Each primary employability skill is represented and incentivised using coloured acorns which will be earned through endorsement.

Achievements are shared and stored for a rainy day such as; work experience, college application or job interviews.

Squirrelit will help attract the right candidate to the right post and increase awareness of the growing sector opportunities. Young people will securely store academic achievements alongside softer skills which will lead to increased confidence and aspiration.

Squirrelit will be accessible from primary school age through secondary, higher education and beyond.

Access to the passport will be free to all with the option of business and education paying for premium services such as sponsorships and statistical reporting.

Wakefield businesses and education providers have helped to define the project deliverables and they will be the first to make use of the system. A national roll out is planned subject to successful adoption across the Leeds City Region.

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