Wakefield is Working Event: 25th September 2014
Young people from schools across the district will attend a conference on 25th September 2014 to inform them about key career opportunities and employability skills.

The event is the first of its type and has been organised by Business leaders and Wakefield Council as part of the Inspiring Skills project.

It will include two school representatives from each Wakefield Secondary school to attend a joint Council-Business conference.  We anticipate approximately 46 students plus 23 school staff.

The conference will explain why Wakefield is a great place to live and work, how the council operates and how real decision making happens. This will be followed by short inputs from growth sector area professionals including Coca Cola and Fujitsu talking about the opportunities in their sectors and apprenticeships. 

The free event held in Wakefield One will comprise of eight talks, including one for each growth sector and a session with Council Leader Cllr Peter Box CBE. He will be discussing the positive aspects of living in the district, challenges the area faces and an insight into the Council’s decision making process, with the aim to inspire young people to make the right decisions for their future.

The students attending have been chosen as ambassadors for their year groups and will pass on the key information they get from the event to their fellow students.

Cllr Peter Box, Leader of Wakefield Council said: “The aim of these workshops is to help give young people an insight into the economy of our district and the fantastic range of study and employment options it provides at a time when they need to make some important decisions about their future.
“We are always working to support young people in the district and this conference is part of our commitment to help them understand the wider context, as well as what their options are.”

Joanne Roney, Wakefield Council’s Chief Executive said: “These talks will offer useful information to help young people in the district carefully consider and make important choices.
“There are various career paths students may choose including apprenticeships and this event will highlight many opportunities for youngsters.”



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